Ending Arazaan

Ending Arazaan

Your Path With the Dragon

He sees the answer on your face before you even have time to say anything, much less do anything. He closes the distance between you in one move and is standing in front of you, so he can shield you from the secret service officer’s weapon.

Garoth is to your right. You can see on his face that he knows he has been defeated, but takes it like a gentleman. It could also be that the immediate danger coming from the secret service officers is just too big right now for him to start a fight with his rival.

Will you get out of this hotel room alive?

There is no doubt that Arazaan will do anything to protect you. He shields you, but the hotel room is small and tight, and there are only four of you. Who knows how many armed men are waiting for you on the street or in the stairwell?

The chances are good for the dragon and the wolf, but you and Owen are only human. You don’t have the legendary capability of being able to regenerate like shifters do. Your skin is soft, and your muscles, tendons, and organs are vulnerable. You have Arazaan, who will defend you to the death – but what about the vice president? You risked so much to save him.

If there is a shootout right now, Owen won’t stand a chance.

Only a miracle can save him now.

Your hand is on the dragon shifter’s back. You feel movement underneath his skin. It feels like something is fighting to get out.

Something sharp and rough. You can feel it through his shirt.

Instinctively, you increase the pressure from your hand to let Arazaan know that you are fine. Nobody other than you knows about his secret, and it should stay that way. If he awakens the dragon in him right now, giving away his second identity, you will never forgive yourself.

The man with the weapon seems to sense that Arazaan presents a growing danger. He doesn’t take his eye off him.

The weapon in his hand begins to shake.

For a second, everything is up in the air.

Then you hear someone clear his throat. It’s the vice president. The eyes of the secret service officer in front of you move over to Owen, who is walking up to him with his hand up.

Has he gone crazy?

What is he doing?

Your feet want to move, but Arazaan’s fingers close around your wrist, preventing you from moving. 

“You know who I am,” Owen says directly to the man. His voice sounds strong. Even his posture has nothing to do with the weak man who was on his deathbed just a few hours ago.

The treatment worked! The cure Dr. Broadchurch developed, works!

The man with the weapon nods uneasily.

“Then I order you and your men to stand down immediately,” Owen says with a firm voice that won’t tolerate any dissent. Nobody knows just how long he will still be the second man in the country, but for now, the troops are still obligated to obey him.

Your knees go soft as the hand with the weapon goes down in slow motion. When he finally has the pistol stowed in its holster, you allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief.

Two minutes later, all of the secret service officers are gone. Garoth follows them, without giving you a second look. Now it is just the vice president, your dragon shifter, and you in the hotel room.

“Thank you,” Owen says simply.

He comes up to you.

After hesitating for a second, Arazaan clears the way. The vice president hugs you. You return the gesture knowing that you are going to miss him.

The fate of humanity no longer rests on your shoulders. You can see by the look in Vice President Owen’s eyes that he knows what awaits him. He lets you go with a combative smile on his face.

“I must thank you as well,” he says, turning to Arazaan.

Your dragon shifter bows slightly. “My pleasure,” he says. “Now, if you will excuse us.” It is his polite way of saying that it is time for the two of you to leave. No more, no less.

Arazaan barely gives you time to take a deep breath or say goodbye one last time.

He grabs your hand and goes down the stairs and through the shabby hotel’s entryway. “Come, my love,” he says without slowing down. As you run past, you see that Dr. Broadchurch and his mobile clinic have disappeared. Your feet are practically flying as Arazaan pulls you further away from the place where you nearly lost your life.

Your heart is racing – not just from the exertion of having to keep up with him, but also from the intoxicating feeling of finally being free. When he finally slows down and turns into a deserted alley, you laugh with joy.

The sheer happiness at having survived and knowing that you will experience countless adventures at his side fills every cell of your body.

Arazaan lowers his head and pulls you to his chest.

Time stops as his lips meet yours.

Heat spreads like a wave through your body.

The kiss is like the man himself: tough and passionate, demanding and seductive. You can feel his sensual joy at playing with your feelings. Your starved body reacts without thinking.

The warlord grabs you around the waist and pushes your back up against the wall, just like he wants you. His mouth conquers yours in a matter of seconds and he leaves no room for second thoughts.

His hard body tells you that you only have one choice: surrender.

Give yourself to him, otherwise this kiss will be the end of you. His passion overtakes you like liquid fire. The fire inside you burns fiercely, and you are already afraid of the moment when he will take his mouth off yours. Maybe – no, probably – you will not always agree, but he will hold nothing back of himself, and will go to the end of the Earth with you. Your differences, no matter how heated they might be, will always end in reconciliation. You are sure of it.

You open up to him and return his kiss. Your body presses itself to his and you enjoy the feeling of his hard muscles. Your tongue and his dance with each other. You raise your arms and put them around his neck, wishing for this kiss to never end, just like a dragon’s love for his companion never ends.

He pulls back from you far too soon.

You are breathing heavily, and you can feel that the kiss affected him, too.

“Are you ready?” he asks. His voice sends a shiver of anticipation down your spine.

Both halves of the map are still in your possession.

The worry that Arazaan may be interested mostly in the map, doesn’t concern you anymore.

All that matters is being at his side, here and now.

You answer his question with a nod. No matter what he has planned – a hotel room nearby, Mongolia, the universe – you will be there with him.

His coat falls from his shoulders down to the ground. Arazaan throws his head back. The muscles and tendons in his neck protrude as his shape starts to shift. You cannot take your eyes off this spectacle. Its beauty brings tears to your eyes and makes you tremble all at once.

His sharp cheekbones push forward. His chin grows longer, and his mouth wider. The bright white teeth… you look up quickly into his dragon eyes, but the untamed wildness and sharp intelligence in them are no less unnerving than the dragon’s fangs.

And then your breath catches.

He spreads his wings.

You will never forget that sound. It sounds like the high note of a harp being played by a cruel musician and held until you can barely stand it.

And then he is standing before you, the dragon, and he motions with his head for you to climb on his back. He kneels down in front of you.

You don’t hesitate.

Your left hand holds on to one of his spikes. You pull yourself up and enjoy the heat you can feel underneath his smooth scales.

As soon as you have found a safe spot between his wings, the dragon pushes off with his hind legs into the air. You barely notice the cold wind.

Nothing else matters than right now.

No matter what awaits you at his side, you have made the right choice.


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