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Readers often tell me that they only need a page or two to decide that my Betania BreedSeries is for them. And good news – I’m running a special offer at the moment. For a limited time, fill your eReaders with the Betania Breed box set at a great discount. 

I am one of the few people who hasn’t given up the fight against the Sethari yet.

I would rather die than surrender to the aliens who have enslaved us humans for more than one hundred years.

Then the unthinkable happens: I am awarded to the leader of the aliens, so I can bear him healthy, viable children.

I am prepared for anything, except this one thing—that this merciless warrior, with his strange eyes and scaly skin, would awaken feelings in me…

The Betania Breed Series: Books 1-4 include the four stories (plus bonus mysterious background material) in the captivating Sci-Fi romance series. If you love dark, powerful, sexy romance, don’t miss Jenny Foster’s bestselling series.

? Re-Release coming soon in 2020!

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? Re-Release coming soon in 2020!