The Captive

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The Captive

 A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (18+), Length: 225 Pages
Betania Breed Book 1

His name is Khazaar Drasurq.

He’s unlike any man she’s known.

He is dangerous. 

He is unpredictable. 

To Cassie, he is the most desirable man she’s ever laid eyes on. 

For the mighty Khazaar, on the other hand, the Earth women exists only to secure the survival of his race. She is a small cog in the big plan the merciless Alien Lord is following.

As Cassie is thrown into his dangerous world, she soon comes to understand just how desperately she needs something only he can give her – his protection.

* * * A SciFi Alien Alpha Romance. The Captive is Book 1 of the Betania Breed Series. * * * 

Warning: Intended for mature audiences. Full-lenght Novel. Can be read as standalone.

Betania Breed reading order:

The Captive
The Prey
The Human
The Dragon

Dark. Powerful. Sexy. This will be a ride you won’t want to miss. (Re-Release Coming Soon!)

Amazon Reviewers

“Never a dull moment…”

“Love this genre and this author does it very well.”

“Fantastic New Series!!!”

“…hot Alien Romance that is a five star plus story!”

“The Captive is not the typical sci-fi romance you read where the characters meet and the whole story revolves around them having sex and fighting with each other just to make up at the end and live happily ever after with two kids who’s names you can’t even pronounce. No, this book has men with hope, monsters with reasons and a girl with a heart…. this books has a STORYLINE.”

“The writing is just phenomenal.” 

“OUTRAGEOUSLY great characters and story!”

“A Very Different Reading Experience”

“I love how strong and resilient Cassie is.”

“…the captive doesn’t just fall in love but is feisty, resourceful and a strong 

alphawoman in her own right”

“You won’t be able to stop reading this one.”

“I did not want to put it down when I had to go back to the “real” world.”

“You don’t get much better IMMERSION into a book.”

“The storyline is fast paced with great character building. You really want to root 

for the lovers in this story.” 

“New author for me and she is an AWESOME writer!”

“Not my usual genre of books but this changed my mind.”

“Great book with many plot twists!!!”

“I’m so looking forward to reading book 2.” (Re-Release Coming Soon!)

Also available as audiobook on Audible

Length: 7 hrs and 5 mins

Narrated by: Stella Bloom