Souls and Shadows is live!

Dear Readers,

We have done it.

Souls and Shadows is live.

My kindle announced the “arrival” of our boxset at 12.03 am sharp, and since that moment I am in a constant state of wonder and joy. While I was extremely nervous yesterday, today I am mostly excited and happy. This is definitely one of the most amazing days of my life! If I was not sure I am a human being, I’d suspect I was a character in one of my own novels with all the excitement coming along with the release of Souls and Shadows, including my title Lost Moon.

You only have until Sunday to get the set at 99c, or you lose the price:

Barnes & Noble:

If you are in need of some bookish goodies (who is not?) and want to celebrate the release with us, you are very welcome to join us in the Souls and Shadows Party Room on Facebook. From 12.00 pm EST on, we authors will be there and take over every other half hour. I’d love to meet you, spread some more joy and share my excitement with you.

With a huge thank you and a lot of love,


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